South Jordan Montessori is located in the lower level of a residential home that has separate entrances for the school and playground. Our school contains 3 classrooms with a complete kitchen and staff preparation room. There is a child size hand washing area and ample natural light for the children as they work.
Our campus includes a rock garden with a stone staircase which leads to a wood chip filled playground that is surrounded by a bike path. There is a large garden area where students can develop gardening skills. Swings, slide, trampoline and sandbox are a part of our outdoor environment as well as an orchard of apple, plum, pear, cherry, apricot and peach trees. Climbing the trees in the orchard is a skill that some students love developing. The opportunity to care for a small flock of hens and gather eggs for our cooking projects are activities that our students thoroughly enjoy doing. There is a multi-level tree house with rock climbing wall, monkey bars, rope ladder, fireman pole, mailbox and a secret door. Several neighborhood parks are located within a short pleasant walk with large open spaces and challenging playgrounds. From raking leaves in the fall to planting peas in the spring, we are always discovering new ways to enjoy our wonderful campus.