Mission Statement

mission-statementSouth Jordan Montessori School encourages and promotes the intellectual, physical and social development of children.  The Montessori philosophy emphasizes the development of the child in a carefully prepared and controlled environment.  A prepared environment is one in which the child is able to develop freely at his or her own pace, unhindered in the spontaneous unfolding of his/her natural capacities, through the manipulation of a graded series of self-correcting materials designed to stimulate the senses and one’s thinking, progressing from concrete to abstract skills.  Responsible freedom and inner self-discipline are encouraged.

We endeavor to emphasize the joy of learning and to help the child develop a positive self-image.  The social development of the children in the class is greatly emphasized.  It takes place in a natural manner as the children learn to respect each other and become affectionate and cooperative.  The school does not discriminate by race, color or creed.  All children are welcome to enroll.